circle divided by a horizontal line


30:1 · The circle divided by a horizontal line is a structure often found on rock carvings. In early Chinese calligraphy it represented the sun(the earliest sun sign was 2609, though). In the Greek alphabet the structure is used to signify the letter theta. The sign is used in at least ten different ideographic systems of natural science, and in the new religion conceived by the late science fiction writer and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard half a century ago, Scientology, it is a symbol for the individual human spirit
    The alchemists used 3001 to denote salt (more usually drawn 2620b or 3044b). 
    In a system of the four elements that is Spanish in origin, we find 3001 meaning water (the others are 2901 for earth2609 for fire, and 2601a forair). 
    This sign is generally associated with the idea of something absolute, e.g. absolute timeabsolute temperatureabsolute center etc. With regard to this, 3001 can be said to be synonymous with 1001
    In other modern systems 3001 is used to mean stop or end.


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