The circular theory

Two is ALWAYS one and one is ALWAYS two and this is the circle-line (circumference-diameter)  relationship which is the basis for ALL relationships (entities, processes, systems). There is always an invisible line which is the diameter of an invisible circle between any two entities (processes or systems). The circle is the only singular entity. All others occur in pairs (the most basic pair: nothing and something). Ubiquitous pairs means ubiquitous circles, so all entities, processes and systems are, ultimately, and eventually, circles of circles. This is the circular theory. 

The most basic processes (which are ultimately entities) are survival and reproduction; these are in a circular relationship with each other, that is, we survive to reproduce and we reproduce to survive. The output from survival is used for reproduction (one species or entity or process for another) and the output from reproduction is used for survival. We can notice (observe, frame)movement is a form of survival and reproduction (an entity in two different locations is the same yet different entity). Movement, linear and circular, is the basis for survival and reproduction, and, because they must be in a circular relationship, vice versa, and we can view the entire universe of universes (circles of circles) as an exercise in (basis for) reproduction (survival) (movement). Survival and reproduction, in a very basic circle, can only be caused by the circle.

Conservation of the Circle is the most basic of basic ideas; that is, the circle is the entity and process that is conserving or preserving itself by appearing in and through ALL entities and processes (reproducing itself) as an opposite pair. Any opposite pair comes from, and produces, another. Any opposite pair is an oscillation of a moving (and still) circle.  The circle, then, is the basis for (creates and is) reality. The circle holds everything together a.k.a. gravityThe circle conserving itself is the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ for all other entities and processes (which, just like the circle, must reproduce by circling as, or with, another opposite pair).

Conservation of the Circle is the physicist’s ‘theory of everything’ and the philosopher’s ‘infinite intelligence,’ solving the problem, finally, of the relationship between science and religion, and answering the age-old questions, ‘why are we here’ and ‘how do we operate.’  The circle is an abstract entity, or symbol, as well as a concrete process, or reality. Abstract and concrete, like everything else, are in a circular relationship.

Because everthing’s a circle, or, most basically,  an opposite pair, the circle unifies, integrates, and equalizes, all people, places and things, and is, therefore, an essential, basic, creative, and hopeful humanistic idea, principal, and process. As every entity and process is a circle (an oscillation), then the circle is the basis for both science and religion. (There is a circle connecting AND separating all entities.) The circle shows up in ALL symbolic systems (constants, numbers, words, art, music, economics).

To understand any entity and-or process we must observe and-or frame it with its opposite entity and-or process. Any two entities and-or processes form an opposite pair and any opposite pair form a circle. Only a circle can create a circle (an opposite pair) and this is the basis for all entities, processes, opposite pairs, reality.

Besides science and religion, we find the circle in philosophy, psychology, economics, mathematics, history, and art. Perhaps art is the easiest place to start: a line and a curve. Line and  curve are ALWAYS joined by the circle. A line shows up in two places on a circle: circumference and diameter. If we pick any place on a circumference we ALWAYS have two choices to get to the other side; one direct (diametric) and the other indirect (circumferential). This two is always a one because we ALWAYS have two ways to get to one place (at least). This is the basis for ALL opposite pairs. The circle itself is an entity that conserves itself by expressing through ALL entities as an opposite pair. The basic opposite pair in ALL circles is the line and curve (direct and indirect route to any reality).

Some very common opposite pairs we may take for granted: day and night; hot and cold (weather) heartbeat (any oscillation), reproductive cycle (repetition, copy, habit, memory, movement). These prove the circle is a basic reality. The circle is providing, and producing, as entity, and process, the ‘why’ and ‘how’ (and also the ‘what,’ ‘where,’ ‘when’) for everything. An oscillation is the circle circling. All entities, real, ideal, physical, and symbolic, occur as one side of an opposite pair, and every opposite pair is the diameter of an invisible, imaginary, circle. Or, we can notice ALL entities are oscillations of some kind (a dancer, a heartbeat, a bicycle rider, a womb).

The circle causes the circle (particle is wave; substance is movement) creating everything else in, and as, its process. The ‘circle’ is always present. All relationships are circular (and this is a staggering thought). Conservation of the Circle is the basis for Einstein’s Conservation of Energy. Energy and mass are in a circular relationship with each other creating, always, light.Conservation of Form provides the missing puzzle piece, analagous to Einstein’s theory, because form and substance are also in a circular relationship with each other, creating, always, sound.

Conservation of the Circle ties light and sound together (solving the problem of ‘gravity’).

“Once we see that light (line) and sound (curve) are different expressions or versions of the same ‘circle’ we have solved all of our remaining puzzles and mysteries (any and every movement is a circle, and everything ‘moves;‘ Sound and light are circular and linear movement creating integrated circles of varying size and speed; every wave, oscillation, or ‘beat,’ no matter its shape, is a circle).” Every entity is some combination of sound (curve/size) and light (line/speed) (and, thus, a ‘beat’ or oscillation).

Understanding that the extraordinarily simple circle creates a set of circles so complex we cannot ‘see’ them is a breathtaking insight that anyone can experience (all entities are ‘circles’ (of circles circling) and all circles, independent of size, speed or location, are the same). Circles in philosophy: true-false, right- wrong, good-bad. Circles in psychology: conscious-unconscious, extroverted-introverted, thinker-feeler.  Circles in mathematics: plus-minus, multiply-divide, appreciate-depreciate. Circles in history: war-peace, cooperate-compete, join-separate. Circles in religion: one-many, inside-outside, here-there, now-then. Circles in economics: assets-liabilities, income-expenses, inflation-deflation.

Conservation of the Circle is certainly the most basic, and, therefore, the most important, idea, and discovery, of all time.

All entities are circles circling circles . The circle integrates everything with everything because all circles, independent of size or speed, are the same (in one dimension, all pi). The circle is the entity and process beneath all entities and processes. Because the circle is a guaranteed 49-51%, every other day, every other person will decide to notice: everything’s a circle (no use arguing, 100% will NEVER agree on anything).

But because the circle means everything is 50-50, we ALL have a shot at everything, at least sometimes, and this is the underlying foundation, or basis, for equality. Conservation of the Circle is the idea we need, and, now, have, to achieve World Peace because the circle is also the basis for conflict, arguments and a guaranteed ‘at least’ two points of view. 

So, we can stop arguing now.  How can (should) we use the circle? Basic research, strategic financial analysis, scientific inquiry, government policy, corporate/personal conflict resolution, business strategy. An opposite pair (yin-yang) is at the heart of ALL things. Intuitively, intellectually, and emotionally, we all know this. It’s All About the Circle


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